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The engineering team has been working together for 15 years, accomplishing corrosion and seismic/structural evaluations and design of tanks, reservoirs, pipelines, and related facilities.



Our Team

Andre Harper - President

Krista Harper - Vice President

Steve Jones - Cathodic Protection Engineer

Alexis Ayala - Engineer/Diver

Jakob Harper - Engineer/Diver

Brandon Baxter - NACE Inspector/Diver

Dennis Pazmino - NACE III Inspector


Steve Jones - Cathodic Protection Engineer

Mr. Jones is a Registered Corrosion Engineer and NACE Certified Corrosion Specialist with over 35 years of experience.  Mr. Jones’ specialty is corrosion mitigation with cathodic protection of water storage reservoirs and tanks, water transmission and distribution pipelines, wastewater and reclaimed water facilities, buried storage tanks and associated piping, oil and gas pipelines, docks, piers, and pilings, and related structures.  He also performs field testing of existing cathodic protection systems including troubleshooting rectifier and sacrificial anode problems, underground shorts to foreign piping, dielectric insulator testing, and complete reporting with recommendations.  

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