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The engineering team has been working together for 15 years, accomplishing corrosion and seismic/structural evaluations and design of tanks, reservoirs, pipelines, and related facilities.



Our Team

Mr. Wozniak has over 35 years of experience in steel and concrete tank structural engineering and is a registered professional civil and structural engineer in the State of California (CR32564 and S2486 respectively).  Mr. Wozniak specializes in steel tank structural analysis including design and consultation on special designs, seismic loadings, code interpretations, failure investigations, and special design of one-of-a-kind elevated and ground supported tanks and related structures.  Mr. Wozniak places a strong emphasis in practical (application) design of ground storage and elevated storage tanks and industrial structural systems for seismic loads.  Seismic designs and procedures include AWWA, UBC, and API code rules and special client conditions.

Robert S. Wozniak - Structural Engineer

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