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The engineering team has been working together for 15 years, accomplishing corrosion and seismic/structural evaluations and design of tanks, reservoirs, pipelines, and related facilities.



Our Team

Alexis Ayala - Engineer

Andre Harper - President

Krista Harper - Vice President

Steve Jones - Cathodic Protection Engineer

Alexis Ayala - Engineer/Diver

Jakob Harper - Engineer/Diver

Brandon Baxter - NACE Inspector/Diver

Dennis Pazmino - NACE III Inspector


Mr. Ayala has been an Engineer and Diver on the Harper & Associates team for over 3 years. Mr. Ayala holds a degree in engineering from California State University, Fullerton. He works extensively in the area of structural plans and is a valued member of the engineering team. Mr. Ayala is Dive Certified and has quickly added to his experience in dive inspection and cleaning. He is also a NACE certified Inspector.

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